LeadershipINDIA, US

  • Utsav Bhanja

    Founder & CEO, Incfrog Corporation

    The founder of Incfrog, his vision for the company is what drives everyone. He handles and manages the entirety of the day-to-day operations along with building and maintaining...

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  • Kittipon Tingpalpong CFF®, CSS®

    VP, Operations, North America

    Kittipon “Jyo” Tingpalpong brings over 20 years in the Financial and Technology sector. Growth and innovation through Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability,...

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  • Annesh Thakur

    Director, Incfrog Media (ABTPL)

    With 10 years experience as a Publicist, Annesh brings with him the knowledge and expertise to steer corporate communications in the right direction, upholding the brand...

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  • Ranjana Bhanja

    Director, Regional Content & Media

    With over 20 years of experience in advertising and creative content production, Ranjana is also a well known playwright in the Bengali audio industry.

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  • Anindam Dutta

    Partner Consultant, Design

    Anindam has a degree from NID in design and has an industry experience of over 16 years. His sense of aethetics and colour added the zing to the what became famous brands...

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  • Hrid Bhowmik

    Digital Marketing Manager

    Hrid Bhowmik is a BCA graduate with one year of experience in Digital Marketing. In addition to Social Media Marketing, he is proficient in Business Communication, SEO,...

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  • Subhabrata Saha

    Editor, Visual Content

    Subhabrata joined Incfrog as a Junior editor and soon secured the senior position in the department with his quality of work, dedication and commitment.

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We are looking for proactive professionals with creative thinking and a high level of personal involvement to join our team.