E-commerce marketing strategies to kick start your online business

Now that you have ventured into the online world, your journey begins the day you use your first marketing strategy. It could be marketing through Facebook ads as an awareness campaign about your recent entry in the digital space. It could also simply be about using the digital mediums to promote your products. But these are some strategies that majorly all e-commerce business use. What most don’t talk about or what is mostly not available by the books, is available to you here:

Public Relations

As much as we understand the world of commerce today, we can vouch for it that establishing a good PR with the world is the first marketing strategy. PR is the most cost-effective way to go about marketing your e-commerce business.  Here are a few ways you could implement to get your PR going:

a) Press Releases – Information about your partnerships, products, new services & launches, have to be circulated. Irrespective of how new or old you are in the Industry, the world needs to access that information about you. So Press release is a perfect way to keep the world informed.

b) Q&A Forums – While the world prefers to engage in dialogues over these Q & A Forums, you can also utilize these platforms such as Quora, Twitter (Microtweeting) & Facebook Groups to talk about your business. Your strategy behind participating in these Q & A forums is to stand out from competitors by answering queries of your potential or existing customers.  You could also participate in industry-related Q & A giving your business more credibility in your specific industry.

2) Referral Programs

A human chain is a delightful sight & so it is for your business online. This human chain or network of individuals who review your products, services by sheer word of mouth is a marketing strategy working on its own. If your e-commerce products are worthy, let the customers do the talking. But for this to happen, publicize a referral program in the following ways:

a) Influencers – Social Media Influencer strategy can still go a long way in kick-starting your business online. These people of influence over the internet can really ramp up your product awareness & also cater to your potential customer list. 

b) Promoting your Referral Program – If this word of mouth promotion is used correctly it will change your E-commerce platform to a customer favorite e-commerce in no time. Giving discounts to frequent customers, using a referral method of incentivizing people who promote your services will be only possible if you promote it right. Always promote your referral programs so that your customers know it right.

3) Content Marketing

For any e-commerce brand, content marketing strategy works like a magic wand if used right. Google, our search engine loves content, the more you feed it with content (keeping the keywords & your industry shifts in mind) Google will consciously show you in search results thereby offering you a rank in Google, which in turn can send you traffic on autopilot.

4) Email Marketing

Building your E-commerce business’ database should be a top priority when you want to kickstart your business. To begin, entice your email list with some valuable offers on your products & services. Offering discounts to encourage them to Sign up is the first step. Then eventually a follow-up calendar of Welcome Emails, Newsletters, Birthday greetings & offers & New Product updates will work wonders. Remember email marketing becomes effective when your subscriber knows that he/she has something valuable (information or offer) in store for him there.

Author: Samiksha Khanduri
Samiksha is a college educator and a professional writer. She has two books to her credit. With experience of working in the digital industry and having headed product development, Samiksha brings in the much needed insights for seekers.

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