How To Increase Engagement on Social Media

To be social is to be involved & to do so, one needs to be out there. Social Media is no different, when brands seek to generate engagement by communicating. Driving that level of communicative engagement on your social media handles is not a big deal, if you have got the following on your list:

1. Be Vocal 

By being vocal, businesses can engage their audience in the decision making of the brand. Asking for an opinion is an excellent way to involve your audience by the means of their valuable inputs catering to the growth of the brand.

2. Visual Appeal 

By making your posts on social media a visual treat, could result in impromptu engagement. A good creative is like an irresistible piece of cake, even if you don’t need it; you end up liking (consuming) it!

3. Relevant Hashtags 

Sometimes not all your audience is the one that follows you. Hashtags are a great way to engage a relevant audience, who follow those particular hashtags which are aligned to your brand image. Finding new followers will become an increasing force of engagement with the use of hashtags.

4. Run Contests & Giveaways 

We have all seen those posts on social media where #Giveaway, is a thumb-stopping word. Without scrolling further, each one who is fed with that post on their feed, will engage in this post, either as ‘Impressions’ or as compulsive taggers in the comment section.

Contests based on Giveaways are an excellent way to call forth a chain of people in comments by asking the participant to tag & share their story.

5. Personalization Effect

When you start a new thread of conversation with a newly found friend on social, it is almost addictive. Words keep flowing until the beep becomes synonymous to breath, it is all very engaging. Brands too can create personalized threads of conversation with their audience and expect the conversation to be a source of massive promotion.

6. Eye for Trend

Being active on Social media means that you as a business have to be updated about every ongoing trend. Use that trend as a driving force for engagement by tweaking it, or simply in your rebuttal, but keep in mind it all has to go with your brand values.

7. Engagement Analysis 

Keeping yourself updated with reports & stats on your most engaging posts will only help you create similar content. But incorporating those statistics in your brand image execution will lead you to your direct customers. 

Social media is not simply a tool for driving sales, but if all of the above 6 are check listed along with a careful merging of your online & offline practices based on your stats, your business can grow by leaps & bounds. After all, your customer will finally get what it expects from their brand of preference.

Author: Samiksha Khanduri
Samiksha is a college educator and a professional writer. She has two books to her credit. With experience of working in the digital industry and having headed product development, Samiksha brings in the much needed insights for seekers.

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