Increasing Conversions Through Social Media Marketing

The world will come to an end, but maybe our phones will keep buzzing with feed on our social media handles. Social Media has become the “fine breath of life”, certainly indispensable. Now for any business today, having a Facebook page, an Instagram handle or a Twitter account is like having a license for running their business. If you don’t have it yet, you bet! The mass is on Social Media & we all know that this mass is the fuel of our business today. However, social media, if not optimized correctly, will always be a waste of time. Here is how you can look at conversions through social media marketing if you haven’t started yet.

Know your Product 

So there are two kinds of audience on Social Media platforms, broadly the ones who are lying on bed & browsing the world at their own pace. The second category are the ones who are hunting down information, best suited to their interests, they are your definite buyers. But before we talk of your TG (Target Audience), lets first focus on the product. Whether you come from the service industry or the FMCG industry, you must be able to answer one question – “Why your product?” Knowing your products merely through its What & Who’s is not enough, considering the invasive competition, you have to answer the” WHY”. Answering this will give you a perspective on how to create your social media ad.

Know your TG (Target Audience) 

Once you know why your product is a good catch for the masses, your next question is what kind of people? Targeting for any Social media marketing campaign requires you to define a specific audience. Defining your audience, best suited for your product is like putting the right oil in your car, you certainly can’t swap diesel with petrol. When your TG is defined then you begin compartmentalizing. Say your focus is to target Trekking enthusiasts for your recently launched trek in the Himalayas.  You must know that this targeting involves a vast ocean of audience. Knowing the “What” of your product comes handy here, as it answer to whether the “Who” (Audience) has the purchasing power to buy that product. So depending on your product specialty, you develop your TG, the only catch being you should target the broad category here. Simply because focusing only on “Trekking enthusiasts” you might miss out on a “Water sports enthusiast” who might be as keen on “Trekking.” So defining your TG, means to be all-inclusive & not just specific.

Content & Creatives

The third most important aspect is your Content & Creatives that would be used as a part of your social media campaign. A creative is the Image/ Video you use to entice your audience & the content (Creative copy/ Post copy) has to be hitting the bull’s eye (Your Audience). If your content does not go well with your creative or if it does not create a buzz, then it serves no good. Having an aesthetically pleasing creative & a thumb-stopping content has to be your goal while marketing. When both content & creative become a compelling package it is only then that your Target audience (if targeted in the right mix), turns out to be your probable conversion. For a better experience of what works best for you, you should go for A/B testing, which helps you figure which Ad set (Ad Set A OR B with different TG)  is performing best for you. But it does not end here.

Follow Up 

And after all, this is aligned right in the mind of your TG, they would click on your Call to Action button, which ensures a database if not a complete conversion. For definite conversions, you have to “Follow Up.” There is no business under the planet which works without human touch. Social Media Marketing offers you a platform to reach & when you have reached right, you can optimize this platform by personally following up with your potential clients. Increasing conversions is not simply in the hands of your computer, it requires the right planning & execution on the part of your social media team. If all this is still too much to process, we are just a call away. 

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Author: Samiksha Khanduri
Samiksha is a college educator and a professional writer. She has two books to her credit. With experience of working in the digital industry and having headed product development, Samiksha brings in the much needed insights for seekers.

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