The idea of organic in social media refers to building & engaging with your online followers without using any paid promotions to market. The tools for organic marketing are available on Youtube & have to be used in the form of precision & consistency. There are two phases in which you can boost your Youtube presence. The first phase is the Creation phase & the second one is the post- uploading phase.

Creating compelling video content is the starting point of everything. Your content creation phase should have the following on your checklist:


Call to Action in the social media industry is a catchphrase that refers to taking your online audience to the desired webpage.  A Call – To- Action tells the online followers what to do when they come across your video on Youtube. It should concisely tell them what they can do by clicking the link in your Video description. There are 2 ways to use CTA’s, the first being:

  • Subscribe to your channel – In between the video, verbally ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel by providing them a link in the video description.
  • Subscribe CTA – Add a “Subscribe” CTA in the video description and let it flash in BOLD. You can also use a “Subscribe” CTA in your channel description.

Optimize the Keywords

Just like you optimize keywords in your blog & website, for Google to show your results on the top, similarly, Google’s algorithm also offers you a chance to feature yourself in the first search result. During the creation phase, answer such questions as to what is your video offering the audience. Say, you have “Better ways to tidy up your house” as the answer to your question, then put that across for your audience in the video & description. Just one tip here, be as direct & specific in your answer so that you make sure you have targeted the search terms of your prospective audience.

Tags & Title

Youtube permits 160 characters to appear in search results. When you smartly optimize your Youtube tags & title with an SEO perspective, it helps in ranking up the video and therefore it will show up in the related video section. So use the right tags, and ensure that you use relevant keywords related to the video. The title of your video is the heading which you give your video & it should be self-explanatory. If your video title matches the thumbnail image then it is highly probable to get maximum clicks organically.

Create Custom Thumbnails

Using a custom video thumbnail while uploading the video is a trick to get your audience to click on your video instantly.  It is that thumbnail image that should be appealing enough to make them click on your video.

Watermark & Logo

Embed a watermark or your logo in all videos across your channel, allowing viewers to identify you easily on Youtube & allowing new subscribers to subscribe at the same time.

Cross Video Sharing

Say it’s a thanking note you are giving to your subscribers & while taking their feedback you talk about a suggestion where someone has shared how Indians feel stuck in their domestic spaces while arranging their house. So you give better alternatives to, “ Konmari way of Tidying up a Japanese House” and say “Do check the link in the description on – How to Tidy Up an Indian House – Konmari way.” This way you are cross-sharing your videos by embedding them in another video.


Now that we have talked about the Content Creation phase, let’s see what the Post- Uploading phase checklist looks like:

Online Reputation Building

Once you have uploaded a video, the task doesn’t end here. Listen to your audience through their comments & reply to them based on your point of view.

Building Hashtags

Once you observe a certain video of yours trending, create a hashtag around it so as to organically improve your search results.


Your real interactions with the audience will help you build a database of your loyal followers. This is possible only when you organically keep a track of them & follow up regularly.

Optimize the Watch Time

Once you have uploaded a video & you observe that people are spending more time on Youtube to watch your video content, then YouTube will suggest these videos to new users frequently. So keep a track of your watch time metric & create more videos like these.

Create a Playlist of your Channel

By doing that viewers will get one place to check all the videos you have uploaded and it is an organized way to target new users as well. You can have multiple sections in your Playlist, by naming them specific to your niche.

Q & A Forums & Social Media

By participating in Q&A forums like Quora, Reddit or using Social media platforms to talk about your channel on Youtube, you can get new These new subscribers will be reaching your Youtube page by directly reading your conversations on Q&A platforms or maybe on seeing the video clips of your Youtube videos on social media. Microblogging on Twitter is also a smart way of getting people to your channel organically.

Author: Samiksha Khanduri
Samiksha is a college educator and a professional writer. She has two books to her credit. With experience of working in the digital industry and having headed product development, Samiksha brings in the much needed insights for seekers.